8 Critical Weight-Loss Tips That Aren’t Diet and Exercise

8 Critical Weight-Loss Tips That Aren’t Diet and Exercise

Most people know what they need to do to lose weight: Eat less, move more. While it might not be that simple for everyone, the truth is, not knowing how to eat well or how to exercise is not usually the reason people struggle with weight loss. (Although, it happens.)

But if you feel confident you know how to fill your plate with the types of foods that will help you reach your goals, and you know how often you should be hitting the gym — and you’re doing all of those things, yet you’re still not losing weight, then your mental game is likely the missing piece of the puzzle.

It turns out, the way we think about food, our body and our goals makes a big difference in how likely we are to stick to a weight-loss plan, regardless of whether your plan involves counting calories, going keto or hitting a bootcamp class three times a week.

Here, fitness and nutrition pros dish out their best advice for staying motivated and on track without needing to try out a new trendy diet or adopt an intense new workout plan.


“All too often when we eat, we’re also multitasking: watching TV, answering emails, scrolling through social media,” says Jess Glazer, a certified personal trainer and founder of FITtrips. “These habits are detrimental to having a strong, clear, healthy relationship with food, and they can hinder our ability to make dietary changes.”

“In order to truly focus on what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, why you’re eating those specific foods and, most importantly, how those foods make you feel, you need to starve the distractions,” Glazer says. That means when you eat, just eat. “Focus on your food, the process it went through to end up on your plate, where it came from and how it nourishes you.” With this technique, you’re more likely to finish a meal feeling satiated.


This might sound counterintuitive, but it can help provide a “why” when motivation is waning. “Declare, in writing, what you are unwilling to do,” recommends Brian Nguyen, trainer and CEO of Elementally Strong. Nguyen’s personal no-go? “I am unwilling to be the old dad who cannot play sports with my children.

“This hits me in the heart every day I wake,” he says. “It gets me on my foam roller and my Versaclimber in the morning. It allows me to choose a healthy salad over junk food because I visualize myself running on the track with my children. Moment to moment, we are faced with decisions and it’s about being mindful to the ones that follow your ‘why’ path. Sure, I may be willing to drop a cheeseburger down the gullet because I am hungry and inconsiderate of the long game. However, if I am unwilling to be a father who is out-of-shape, my short game will match my long game vision and I will opt for a cleaner meal.”

So consider what you’re not willing to accept, write it down, and keep it at the ready.

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